Oct 26, 2013

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NEW Layout…

NEW Layout…

My old WordPress site to a powder in the dark of night, so I’m slap-dashing a new one together… thanks for your patience… :)

  1. omg I love ha sparks he is like the cutest i’m to young for him I watch lab rats I love that show and I also love Hal im a huge fan and now I know he has a blog :) HAL SPARKS <3 I love him

    • well um I cant wait to see more about your/ his blog and im sorry but HAL sparks is the cutest actor ever that I know also I love acting I don’t like to be I front of cameras but I just enjoy it I’ve been doing it since 4. but even though im to old for him I still am a big fan and I hope he has a happy thanksgiving

  2. Mike O'Day says:

    Too bad I can no longer stream the Sat.show from your website on my iPad, it was much handier than tying up my laptop, and by the way, on the laptop the show pauses every 45 seconds or so for about 10 seconds to buffer more data. Any chance of embedding a non-java player, like QuickTime (please no Real Player)? That,or use your powers to get Apple to play nice with Adobe and/or Sun.

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