Mar 15, 2014

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Goals and the Daily 5

Goals and the Daily 5

It was great having a post show with the chat group today and I wanted to post some of the links and content we discussed.

Lately I have been working on what I call the GYST system with my Good friend Brooks Crouse, He and I have been working on some projects and in our discussions about making them happen we decided that both of us could help each other in non-related goal areas by assisting each other on goals that required the help of a second person and through simple classic friendly motivation. And it’s been working.. so when I shared some of the techniques and content that we’ve used… the chat lit up and we had a great talk..

so to keep that going and make sure you guys know what resources I was referencing I thought I’d post them here :)

The Project tools I discussed where

Trello – A project and task outline and management website/ipad/iphone app. works like a row of index cards with a title on the front and a myriad of info gathering tools on the back.


On the straight up motivational tip here are some of the vids that Brooks and I have been sending back and forth.

Les Brown

Anthony Robbins

Napolean Hill – Think and Grow Rich

Earl Nightingale

Physical health and well being - 

I am a huge fan of the work of Marilu Henner as well as a big fan of her as a human being. I consider her a friend and she is truly gifted at explaining healthful living..

Her website is and she has several books and programs that you can use. It’s not simply about weight loss but living healthfully.

On the Metaphysical side I mentioned…

Ask Teal – Teal calls herself a spiritual catalyst

You Are Creators – a youtube channel that seems to collect every piece of Law of Attraction or mystical self video/audio on the web some of it is charmingly ancient

For the record, if you are the  kind of person who doubts this stuff, just know that ALL the super-rich people in the US, if not the world, believe or use this stuff in one form or another.

Enjoy… lemme know your thoughts





  1. I’m overjoyed that you posted this. What a great reference! I’ve been doing the GYST lists, I even tried my hand at meditating. It wasn’t easy, I have a very busy brain. But the journey continues and I’m seeing some really interesting changes. Thanks for the inspirational boost. You always seem to know when I need it most. xoxo

  2. I really enjoyed listening to tony who I have listened a lot and this eric nightingale talk was wonderful. I am re-reminded that my thoughts create my environment. I also told a friend of mine who is going through a hard time some of your comedy with the “silver hairs” based on knowledge and wisdom and there is getting “old” and getting wise. And it truly made here think outside her smaller thoughts about people. And listening to you made me think sometimes the future is what we think. And to always not be afraid of knowledge and learning and to put pride away and to ask for help. I think that’s why we get old we stop asking for help. It has just been a joy working with you and I do believe you will be around way into your 90′s!!!!! Vanessa

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