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Welcome to The Center of the Hal Sparks Digital Multiverse. 

If you're more comfortable on the standard Social Media sites you'll find Links to all my official sites here and maybe a couple of secret ones if you look around the site hard enough. *wink wink nudge nudge* 

This is the place for official touring and Live appearance dates as well as my official merch Store and Fan Support page. 

Don't Miss HSRPM every Saturday on Chicago's Progressive talk WCPT at 11am-1pm CST. 


Sparks Out!

Into the Frayed ends of Sanity... 


As we enter the last stretch of the election season there is something that is vitally important to remember.... The thing that makes the United States exceptional...and I truly believe it is... is two-fold... first we vote on our choice of leader and enjoy the genuine luxury of a peaceful exchange of power every 4- 8 years... and we can protest without fear of disappearing or being tortured. 

That being said... if you don't vote or have some sort of "protest" vote planned for this cycle,
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Welcome to Hal

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