Into the Frayed ends of Sanity...


As we enter the last stretch of the election season there is something that is vitally important to remember.... The thing that makes the United States exceptional...and I truly believe it is... is two-fold... first we vote on our choice of leader and enjoy the genuine luxury of a peaceful exchange of power every 4- 8 years... and we can protest without fear of disappearing or being tortured. 

That being said... if you don't vote or have some sort of "protest" vote planned for this cycle, personally I see that as and abdication of the duties of citizen of a democracy. If your answer is you don't like the choices... then vote for all the issues and candidates you CAN support and leave the others blank. If that's too much work then you have to ask yourself is this act of protest genuine or is it symptomatic of overwhelm or personal laziness? If you think the choice is always between the lesser of 2 evils then you must ask yourself, how much evil are you comfortable supporting and know that by not voting you automatically support the greater Evil in two ways... first you do not support the lesser and there for shore up the numbers of the greater and secondly you help create the illusion of a lack of mandate that is always used to undermine issues that progressives hold dear. 

Also, as ugly or uncomfortable as some protest may be, always remember that the quickest way to the solution the likes of which the Black Lives Matter movement and others are seeking is to listen to the concerns and seek to support the elements you have the most clever ability to effect. Calling your representative is one, social media is another...but ultimately educated voting is the long term solution... one that liberals and progressives have been far too quick to abdicate for far too long.... that list of judges that you kind of glaze over every election.. I say is the most important vote on your ballot...and the one most people ignore or randomize...